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Extreme Cleanup Services

In addition to providing a multitude of services, Honest Bio Clean also specializes in extreme cleaning. This is a different category from “hoarding” and is rather the result of a property degrading from years of neglect or consistent irregular continual cleaning, which can result in a buildup of dirt and residue that can feel like an insurmountable task for the homeowner or resident to handle on their own.

These situations are often beyond the capabilities of a typical cleaning service. Honest Bio Clean provides expert extreme cleaning services that incorporates property cleanup, odor removal, sanitation, and disinfection. We will thoroughly clean and decontaminate the home with the goal being restoration of the home to a livable and clean state.

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Our professional team of highly trained technicians will declutter and clean the area thoroughly. We can assist in the sorting of household items to identify any salvageable property and valuables. We can assist in proving the secure storage of items that may require temporary removal, such as furniture and personal belongings.

Structural contents such as carpets, curtains, appliances, can be cleaned or removed depending on their condition.The buildup of dust, dirt, grease and other materials not only provides a daunting task to clean but can also pose both health and issues. Our use of special cleaning products, air scrubbers and HEPA vacuums enables our crew to perform this level of cleaning in a fast and efficient manner.

These tools combined with the proper usage of personal protective equipment allows us to perform a level of cleaning that most others cannot.

Honest Bio Clean specializes in tackling cases where extreme cleaning measures are required. Extreme cleaning services become a necessity in scenarios where the environment and establishment have become uninhabitable due to continuous neglect, lack of hygiene, etc. Common bathrooms in shared dorms or offices, overgrown gardens with extreme moss accumulation, etc. are an excellent example of situations that demand extreme cleaning services.


Honest Bio Clean can guarantee readily available extreme cleaning services in Charlotte and its surrounding localities at a reasonable cost. Our efficient extreme cleaning routine ensures that your property does not depreciate in value due to the buildup of grime, dirt, etc. We consider it our responsibility to restore the aesthetic quality of the property with the help of sophisticated, extreme cleaning equipment and methods.

This allows us to provide extreme cleaning to not just concrete structures but also household items that are tarnished by gunk deposits. With Honest Bio Clean you can also expect us to assist you with the moving of your household items so that we can focus on what needs our specialized cleaning exercises.

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